Mass Effect 4 face codes

Mass Effect 4 face codes.

Mass Effect trilogy introduced a face code feature. What it did was: you create a character, a male or a female, and according to your character customization, a specific code was given to a player, that they could use on another character in the same or in another Mass Effect game.

The new Mass Effect Andromeda will introduce a new character creation system. With that, it may or may not introduce a new and improved face code system.

Mass Effect 4 Face Codes would make for a nifty and comfortable feature. Having spent some time with character creator, you could create a celebrity. With a Mass Effect 4 Face Code feature you could create a female or a male to your liking.

Mass Effect Andromeda will allow players to create a character which is customized to one’s needs. With many choices in customization in Mass Effect Andromeda character creator, it is probable that the Mass Effect Face Code feature will be brought back.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s experience, like previous entries in the Mass Effect series, will be tailored by the player’s choices. If the player feels like he or she can only be immersed in a story by creating a character that looks like the player wants, Mass Effect Andromeda face code feature would guarantee that immersion.

Mass Effect Andromeda face codes