Mass Effect Andromeda deaths

The possibility to be killed in Mass Effect Andromeda (death).

The release date of Mass Effect Andromeda is coming so fast, that it becomes scary we know almost nothing about the character’s death in general. Thankfully, at least we know something about the Mass Effect Andromeda characters and storyline, which has so much to tell. As you most probably know, this is not a new and yet unseen game. Mass Effect Andromeda is a perfectly improved sequel of the game that provides a new galaxy Andromeda as well as new and more unique game characters.

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay explained

To help you to remember the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay, the most important thing to mention, is the essence of the game. As the developers of the game claim, the main mission of the Pathfinder, is to explore the new and dangerous galaxy Andromeda. More precisely, as a gamer who will play newly coming video game, you will have to explore all the planets and find the one, where all humanity could move in. Unfortunately, as we mentioned a bit earlier the main galaxy Andromeda is really hazardous and it can bring many unexpected dangers. For instance, all the planets that will appear in this galaxy, will have their own traps, such as scary and unbeatable aliens or all kinds of species that will try to kill you. Therefore, Mass Effect Andromeda deaths should really exist in the game. However, the question is, will they?

Possible deaths in Mass Effect Andromeda

As far as we know, Mass Effect 4 possible deaths for game companions is not going to exist. More precisely, according to an interview that was made together with game informer, Waters, it was claimed that such a decision was accepted not without a reason. As they say, it would be really silly to make companions mortal, when they are the only ones that can provide with the best support, definitely needed for the gamer.

Mass Effect Andromeda deaths

However, the biggest question still remains unanswered. So will Mass Effect 4 deaths will exist for the main Pathfinder? In our opinion, to bring such a thing to the game would be a really great, because it will make the gameplay be more exciting. Last but not least, if the Pathfinder will be Mortal, we would play the game more carefully. All in all, let’s stop guessing and wait for the real and official news.