Mass Effect 4 final mission

Mass Effect 4 Final Mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda, or as incorrectly called, Mass Effect 4 will have a Final Mission of grandiose. Well, maybe not but it is allowed to us, players to speculate what Mass Effect 4 Final Mission will be like.

Mass Effect 4 Last Mission will have a battle of some kind. With Mass Effect 1 finishing with a massive bang, one can only wonder what Mass Effect 4 Last Mission will be like. The alien threat of the unknown race might be a danger to many worlds, and the player controlled character might be responsible in containing and neutralising that alien threat.

It is too early to guess if the last missions of the Mass Effect Andromeda will have some sort of choice, like previous Mass Effect games, but it would not surprise if something large at stake will make players to choose one thing or another.

Mass Effect Andromeda developers hinted at a different story from the previous Mass Effect trilogy games. The story is supposed to be more contained and it won’t be a trilogy, so one can only wonder what kind of Mass Effect 4 Last Mission will be.

It looks like Mass Effect Andromeda developers are ready to shake things up with the new entry in the Mass Effect game series and it is optimistic and hopeful to think that the final mission of the Mass Effect 4 will have a major impact on the story and it will connect all the decisions you made prior.

Mass Effect Andromeda final mission