Mass Effect Andromeda outfits

Outfits in Mass Effect Andromeda.

It is definitely not the first time we see speak about the outfits of Mass Effect Andromeda characters. However, never before, we have provided such a detailed information. As it is important, Mass Effect 4 outfits were already announced a while ago, but wasn’t actually confirmed yet. Only a few weeks ago, we received a great news from a BioWare team, who officially confirmed most of the costumes with a great news.

Costumes of Mass Effect Andromeda characters

Beginning with the main Mass Effect Andromeda characters, finally we have a picture that gives the best close-up look. However, before you see it, just remember that the main character or in other words the Pathfinder of the game can be male or female. The choice of gender will depend on you. Actually, there will be less difference playing with Scott Ryder or Sara Ryder. Simply, because they are twins, who thinks and fights very similar. Speaking about their Mass Effect 4 costumes, firstly, it kind of reminds the outfit that previous game Pathfinder Shepard was wearing. Not to mention, at first, we even thought that the Pathfinder will again be the Shepard. However, this was a really good step of BioWare that helped to cause a really great intrigue. Now, just take a look below.

Mass Effect Andromeda outfits

As you can see from the picture, the main Mass Effect 4 costume of Pathfinder looks really cool and it has the most amazing features. The costume is clinging to the body really well and it comes in black and red colors. Because the outfit includes a helmet too, it completely covers the character’s face. On the one hand, you can’t see the character, however, on the other hand it works as the best protection against injuries.

However, if you would look far below, you can see an additional Mass Effect Andromeda costumes that mostly comes in white and blue colors. These impressive outfits will be worn by most of the characters in the game and they will also be changeable.

If the video didn’t did not help have a complete picture, take a closer look at the picture below.

Mass Effect Andromeda costumes

As it was expected, the costumes have a unique look and it works as the best possible protection. The helmet, armor and the main fighting tools are included in it. Moreover, as we can see, the costumes look really comfortable and not heavy at all.