Mass Effect Andromeda release date

Find out about real Mass Effect Andromeda release date.

It has already passed more than two years, when one of the most exciting science fiction games Mass Effect 3 was released. Not a secret, it was one of games that earned the great popularity of all times. It was played by million gamers and recognized as the one, that can catch your attention for an unlimited time. Not to mention the stories, where different people filmed themselves while playing the game for three days without taking a rest at all. For some it may sound insane, but this is real. However, even thought the Mass Effect 3 is able to be played today it is not so exciting anymore. Why? The explanation is really simple. Since nowadays, the new technologies provide so many opportunities, the gamers expect more and more innovation as well as different game options.

Speaking about the Mass Effect game and its development, next year we will be able to enjoy a newly released version. Even today you can find hundreds of articles and videos on YouTube channel about a long-awaited game that is actually can be called in two different names: Mass Effect: Andromeda or Mass Effect 4.

Mass Effect Andromeda release date

Since it would be really strange to start writing about the Mass Effect: Andromeda release date, without presenting the real essence of the game, we want to make a short introduction revealing the basic details. Those who have no idea what this game is even about, Mass Effect: Andromeda is a science fiction game. More specifically, it is an action game that can be played only from a third-person perspective. The game is developed by a group of Canadian video game creators. More precisely, by a professional BioWare team. Coming back to the game details, Mass Effect: Andromeda obviously differs from the previous version of the game. First and foremost, unlike the Mass Effect 3, Andromeda offers a different choice of game characters. If in the previous game you were able to choose from six character classes that each stood out because of a unique set of abilities, this time you will have to pick one of the two. Sara or Scott Ryder. Not to mention, in this new edition, players will have a greater choice of freedom. No longer, you will have to restart the game in order to change a set of specific skills, which helps to fight against the enemies. In the Mass Effect 4, you will be free to experiment and choose different skills just before the battle. To tell you the truth, we even believe that it is one of the best improvements that game developers were able to come up with. Of course, the fact that Mass Effect; Andromeda will be based on an open world environment is also very unexpected. Especially, when the previous version had nothing to do with this idea. However, it appears that such a storyline was a great step forward, since it attracted great crowds of this new game fans.

A brief introduction to Mass Effect: Andromeda plot

First and foremost, the action in the game will take place 600 years after Mass Effect 3 in one of the most dangerous galaxy Andromeda. In order to begin the game, everyone will have to choose their favorite character, who will be the Pathfinder and more accurately a person that will have to discover a new planet, appropriate for a living. The most exited part in this game, is ability to explore a wide range of planets that each has their own shadings. To stay alive in some of them is partly impossible, however in others you can find a joy and a good land for agriculture. In the game, you will also be allowed to make dialogues, have different choices and even relationships that is always good to have. 

Mass Effect Andromeda Scott Mass Effect Andromeda Sara

Although the Mass Effect 4 release date had to be published a while ago, today we have no exact information. Of course, there are some sources which positively state that Mass Effect Andromeda will be released on 23 March in the UK and on 21 March in the Unites States. However, we are not so convinced about this specific information, since BioWare is very fond of changing their opinion every single month. So, the chance that Mass Effect 4: Andromeda release will be detailed again is really high. The reason for this, is a desire to create the most attractive version of the game that would be simply controlled.

If you are one of those, who are super worried that Mass Effect: Andromeda launch date will be delayed for a year or more, just don’t be. According to the latest news, we we found out that the game is almost finished and it only needs some final improvements to be done completed. Actually, the development of this game is going extremely well and we can even hope for one of the most interesting games of 2017. 

How much the game will cost and when you will be able to order it?

Despite the fact that Mass Effect: Andromeda release date will be known only after a few months, you can already make a pre order. This opportunity is provided by online store Amazon.

Once you get into Amazon you can find several different options for ordering the game. For instance, you can pre order Mass Effect: Andromeda for £45, which will be good for Xbox and PS4 as well as another version suitable for PC only for £39.33. 

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