Mass Effect Andromeda war assets

Mass Effect: Andromeda - war assets.

Some of you might be concerned whether Mass Effect Andromeda will bring new war assets to the game or only old ones will remain? Actually, weapons might be not the most important thing in the Mass Effect universe, however, they are one more thing that we must discuss about. After all, since the game is going to present a completely new story and galaxy too, there will be a huge variety of new and very powerful weapons. However, as far as we know, some of the old weapons will definitely come back.

The story of Mass Effect Andromeda war assets

To start with, Mass Effect Andromeda war assets are a key point, when it comes to combat. Mostly, weapons make the difference, when they come to fire fighting. However, what weapons we are going to see in Mass Effect Andromeda? Definitely, we will see a lot of old weapons and some new ones for sure. For instance, there will be new guns that will do the same job, however, they will come in different appearance. Like the newest tech we have never seen before. Maybe, it will be weapons that can affect gravity or the ones that can create some special field where the opponent could die faster. Actually, in this case, the possibilities are endless. Just imagine, we are going to a completely new galaxy, where the time-line is very different. Not to mention, the aliens and all kinds of creatures will be different. For this reason, war assets will be also new and unique. And it’s kind of clear. But most importantly, they will definitely provide more amazing features.

Mass Effect Andromeda war assets

Old Mass Effect weapons, which we like to see in the new game

Speaking about the old weapons than can appear as an additional Mass Effect 4 Andromeda war assets we have nothing confirmed yet. At least, there is a list of some old Mass Effect 3 assets that most probably should be included in the game.

First weapon, which can appear in the game can be M 96 Mattock. It was first time introduced in a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 and presented the features that was never seen before. In short, this weapon stands out because of a single shot and semi-automatic instrument. It has a perfect accuracy, can be easily pressed and has a very comfortable shape. You can see this weapon above and decide you like it or no. However, if this M 96 Mattock is going to exist in the game, we will only find out after the game release date.

Mass Effect Andromeda weapons

The second weapon, which can be returned is Phaeston. According to the developers of Mass Effect, Phaeston is a Turian weapon that first time appeared in Mass Effect 3. The most important features that this weapon has, is a massive size and a very high rate of fire that can kill any enemy from a far distance. See the weapon in the picture below.

Mass Effect Andromeda war asset