Mass Effect 4 galactic readiness

Mass Effect 4 Galactic Readiness.

In Mass Effect 3, players had to collect a certain amount of “Galactic Readiness” to succeed and save the universe. By uniting all races across the galaxy. Players had to deal with many problems from various alien races and by uniting them, they could succeed in saving the Earth and all other planets from the Reaper threat.

Mass Effect 4 Galactic Readiness won’t appear in Mass Effect Andromeda. It is safe to assume that the Mass Effect Andromeda won’t have a Galactic Readiness system. The Mass Effect Andromeda developers will introduce a new system of alien combat and the galactic readiness will retire with the previous Mass Effect trilogy series.

Mass Effect 4 Galaxy Map will play a huge role in the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. The player character will stand on the deck of his or hers spaceship, and command it. Players will land on various planets and discover new systems.

Mass Effect Andromeda Galactic readiness or a system similar to it, might be something new and fresh. With Mass Effect Andromeda developers hard work and innovative ideas, the players will probably experience a whole new method of fighting a new alien threat.

The previous Mass Effect games had a galaxy map system. With the help of it, players could scan planets, which had minerals or artifacts, which could help players along the way of fighting the all powerful Reapers, the alien race of sentient machine beings.

One could only wonder what new system will be introduced. Maybe the progress of Mass Effect Andromeda will be tracked in another way or a similar to the classic Galactic Readiness system.

Mass Effect Andromeda galactic readiness