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This year we are super excited, since one of the most anticipated games of 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be released proclaiming the best features of all times. According to the latest findings, we are also quite sure that we could find a thousand or maybe million of people that are a true fan of this science fiction video game. However, if you are one of those, can you admit that you find enough information about the game in general? We don’t think so.

Even the Mass Effect 4 Andromeda trailer is described insufficiently. Maybe you could find a number of different articles about the game in general, but you would hardly find the informative sources that would speak about the details of the trailer.

What the video above explains about the Mass Effect: Andromeda in general?

Let's start with the first and foremost trailer of Mass Effect: Andromeda that you see above. Even the very first seconds of the trailer represent the main theme of the game. The magnificent galaxy, flying missiles - all of this already announces that it will be the science fiction game. However, going deeper into the details in the first frame you can clearly see three spaceships that are being showed not without a reason. Actually, these spaceships has been sent to an outer space as an auxiliary tool to find a new planet. According to Mass Effect: Andromeda, the video depicts the view, 600 years after the today's world. More precisely, it is a story of a very brave man, who is willing to find a new home for the rest of the nation. However, although the trailer begins with the positive emotions, suddenly the action in the video begins to get worse. The guy, who had a restful sleep for approximately 600 years is waked up by a whack. As most of you might understand they finally landed on the mysterious planet, where singing birds and open-armed people is far away. What we can realize from the video, is that the main game character was selected as a pathway finder. If you watch the rest of the trailer, you can understand that this video game will be about the fight against the aliens and technology improved creatures that are not willing to give up.

The Trailer that gained the biggest success

Even though the trailer we described received a great interest and got more than 2 million views, the resent trailer you see above has become a real sensation. It was released a few days ago and it already has one million and nine thousand views as well as approximately 10 000 thousand comments. Why this happened? In our point of view, The Mass Effect: Andromeda game developers have worked really hard and presented a really great trailer with an informative gameplay as well as really convincing sound recording that made a video so popular. Of course, the permanent advertisements of the game also had a significant effect, however, this trailer is something amazing.

In short, Mass Effect 4 Andromeda trailer makes us realize that the game will be played from the pathfinder perspective. In the other words, a staunch soldier and experienced researcher, who is tasked to find a new home to a humanity in the mysterious and dangerous galaxy. However, the video gets even more interesting at the seconds 0:37, where we can clearly see the Galaxy Map. To make it clear, this map is the navigator that will allow to see the view from one system to another as well as get needed resources. The planet you see emphasized in this video is Kadara. Although each planet has something unique and exceptional, this one stands out because of a huge number of battles ongoing between the unknown creatures. However, the major and the most important in this game still remains the galaxy Andromeda, which is presented immediately after Kadara.

As we can see, this galaxy is one of the most precarious and treacherous planets from all that has been created by BioWare.Moreover, to find enough helpful resources in this galaxy and its planets is really hard and risky. Maybe, it can be hard to think of the reason, why this galaxy was chosen anyways. However, if you start to think more widely, you can realize that such a galaxy will bring more danger as well as an adventure that is desperately needed for thirsty gamers.

Going further, we can finally see the beginning of the real gameplay of the Mass Effect: Andromeda that begins with one very important sentence: “You can make new allies, or enemies. The choice is yours”. No one could even imagine that the founder of the game will allow to publish such a comprehensive storyline of the game, especially, when the first demo was so inscrutable.

Mass Effect Andromeda trailer

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