Mass Effect Andromeda characters

What characters Mass Effect: Andromeda game founders are going to bring this time?

Without no doubts, Mass Effect Andromeda was improved a lot during the years. This time, it is going to show up being highly updated. However, as important as the Mass Effect Andromeda storyline, updates or special effects, the choice of characters are important too. Maybe, it is even more important than any, previously mentioned detail.

Scott and Sara Ryder’s

To start with, Mass Effect Andromeda characters are really well done and interesting two. Each of them has their own personality and different approach to life. However, the most important characters this time, is Scott Ryder and Sara Ryder. For the first time in the games history, they are actually siblings. They are both playable characters and they was created for one and the same aim. Their purpose is to find a new planet by exploring new and never seen galaxy Andromeda. More precisely, they have to find a new place for all the humanity. Beginning with Scott Ryder, he is presented as young, brave man, who is ready to do whatever it takes to complete his mission. Officially, he is designated as the Pathfinder, who is also the main protagonist of the game. Not to mention, together with his twin Sister Sara and his father, he was tasked to explore the previously mentioned galaxy and provide positive results after all.

Mass Effect Andromeda characters

Moreover, Scott will be voiced by Tom Taylorson and as we hope, it is going to be one of the strongest and most interesting character in all Mass Effect series. Last but not least, speaking about his appearance he kind of reminds one of the main characters Gray Edwards from the film “The spirits Within”. However, he has more masculine face and deeper sight.

Continuing with Sara Ryder, this character has a completely unique look and she is very feminine too. Actually, the idea to bring women as a space explorer in the game is really amazing, since it has never happened before. Moreover, it also denies the fact that woman’s are too week to fight or carry out such a difficult tasks. As a character, Sara is kind of sensitive, however, very strong person you was brave enough to volunteer for such a long and difficult journey. What to even say about the galaxy Andromeda traps that can digest these both characters to the end of their life. In the picture below, you can see how Sara Ryder is going to look like.

Mass Effect 4 characters - Sara

One more character in Mass Effect: Andromeda - Alec Ryder

What is really exiting, we will also have Alec Ryder as a Mass Effect Andromeda playable character. According to the latest news, Alec is a pathfinder too and he is actually a father of Scott and Sara. As an incredible galactic explorer, he will travel to Andromeda galaxy together with his children and will definitely help to implement their mission. After all, as we know, he is one the best explorers so far and his existence in the game can make a huge differences.

Mass Effect Andromeda character creation