Mass Effect Andromeda voice actors

Mass Effect Andromeda: voice actors revealed.

Never before, Mass Effect video game has such an professional and well known voice actors involved. This year, Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to take your breath away, since the game character will be voiced by the most talented actors from all over the world. After all, could you ever expect that one of the most popular actor Clancy Brown would accept the offer to voice Alec Ryder? Or Tom Taylorson to voice the main character of the game Scott Ryder? To tell you the truth, such a news was completely breathtaking and unbelievable in a good way. Right now, when we the Mass Effect Andromeda voice actors are the most amazing ones, we only have to find out all of them and who they are going to voice.

Voice actors of Mass Effect Andromeda characters

As we already mentioned in the beginning, we were mostly excited about Clancy Brown. First time we heard about his decision to become one of the Mass Effect Andromeda voice actors, we couldn't believe its real. However, today, the internet and YouTube is full of videos and pictures of this amazing actor ensuring the game fans, he is really coming to the game. If you find difficult to recognize Clancy, just remember a movie “Highlander” where he came as Kurgan or one of the most famous cartoon “SpongeBob Squarepants” where he voiced Mr. Krab. As he will voice the father of Scott and Sara, Alec Ryder he is going to create a voice that will simply show strong and vibrant man, who is capable to do everything that no one else can. In the picture below, you can see the Clancy Brown and Alec Ryder joined together for one, unforgettable frame.

Mass Effect Andromeda voice actors

Secondly, we have one of the most promising Mass Effect 4 voice actor Tom Taylorson, who is going to voice the main pathfinder of the game, Scott Ryder. As an actor, Tom is known for Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Suspect Fowl Play and now, as Mass Effect Andromeda voice lines creator. In short, he is not so famous like Clancy Brown, however, the fact that he will have to voice the main character of the game, really means something. If you don’t believe it or still some doubts, just look how inspiring he is, when he speaks about this new and exciting video game.

What is even better, Tom Taylorson really believes in this game success and that brings us to the main point. Not to mention, we can even see some resemblance between him and Scott Ryder. Even their appearance looks kind of similar. At once, we though that the developers and creators of the game has created the Scott in accordance to how Tom looks. However, as all other voice actors Tom made a casting, where he tried to convince the Mass Effect Andromeda developers he is the best for voicing this character. As you can see, he obviously succeed and he will show up as a voice actor in this video game in less than a few months.

Mass Effect Andromeda voice actor