Mass Effect Andromeda classes

Mass Effect Andromeda classes.

Like previous Mass Effect games, Mass Effect Andromeda will have player character classes but not in the same way.

Previous Mass Effect games had 6 character classes the Soldier, the Vanguard, the Adept, the Sentinel, the Engineer, and the Infiltrator. These Mass Effect classes had different abilities and allowed for more varied and interesting combat. Some classes had a class-specific special dialogue. Besides different choices you could make in Mass Effect, the class feature was another reason, why players would replay Mass Effect games again.

Soldier and Infiltrator classes featured more abilities relating to weapon/tech combat. Adept class focused on so called “biotics”, a telepathic-like ability, which allows users to control “mass effect” fields. Sentinel and Vanguard classes combined both, the weapon or tech combat and biotic abilities. Engineer class like the name implies, allowed users to use tech, engineer-like abilities to deploy turrets and destroy the enemy shields.

Mass Effect Andromeda class system is going to be a whole lot different but at the same time, similar to before. Play styles will be different, as more variety is introduced to the new Mass Effect Andromeda class system; the abilities from all classes are back, but instead of selecting one true class and its abilities, you choose the abilities themselves.

Mass Effect 4 Class Possibilities will be enormous. With mix-maxing different abilities, players will be able to create a Mass Effect 4 class of their own. More varied choosing of the abilities will also increase the replayability of the games. Players who want to stay true to the originals, will be able to put ability points to the default presets and with reaching a certain point, they will be able to unlock the traditional Mass Effect classes.

With a new, improved and exciting addition of this class feature, Mass Effect 4 Class Choices will be enormous.

Mass Effect Andromeda classes